Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation

Antaya Technologies was founded by Donald Antaya in 1987. Through his experience as an automotive supplier and through his contacts in the automotive glass industry, Mr. Antaya introduced materials and processes to control the manufacture and application of on-glass electrical connections.

From initial work with a select group of customers providing terminals and controlled soldering equipment for heated automotive glass, Antaya has expanded to become a leading global supplier of on glass power and signal connection systems and automated and semi-automated controlled soldering equipment.

In addition to our on glass automotive connection solutions, we also specialize in custom connections for the solar panel industry, architectural glass, and custom wire harnesses.

Donald Antaya

Company Founder

Donald Antaya epitomized the spirit of a true innovator coupled with strong customer focus that continue today as enduring pillars of Antaya Technologies. His forward thinking and industry-leading vision transformed a niche business in automotive emblematics into the world’s leader of on-glass connection systems. He recognized the growing need to provide both a part and process solution to a new and rapidly growing market.

With a strong background in engineering and physics, Donald was also a natural salesman and was truly at his best in front of the customer. He was passionate about Antaya and the new technology and products the company developed. To this day, that passion and commitment to the customer and to new product and process development are core principles of Antaya Technologies.

Growing Technologies

In recent years, Antaya has responded to growing environmental demands developing state of the art patented lead free materials for use in automotive glazing and the solar industry.

Antaya is pleased to provide sales and service worldwide from its 6 locations.