Maximizing Value

Solar Panel IndustryWe provide the most cost effective solutions available. We know that we are only successful if we take cost out of the glass. We minimize the final cost of the installed part in a variety of ways:

  • By adding value to the part:

Antaya pre-soldered material, precision stamping and automated fluxing provide value added components which eliminate failure rates associated with variation in the copper, solder and flux.

  • By adding value to the process:

Automated and semi-automated controlled resistance soldering equipment with optimized soldering parameters eliminates variability inherent in a manual soldering process.

We have spent 20 years refining the technology and developing the parts and equipment needed to solder connectors to glass cost effectively.

Unsoldered stampings, manual soldering, post applied solder and flux will all lead to high failure rates in the part, costly scrap in the glass and inefficiencies in the overall process.

Financial Solution

As those in the industry know firsthand, soldering to glass is a sensitive process. Without close attention and control of soldering parameters and conditions, in plant failures as well as those in the field are inevitable. We have worked with many customers comparing our pre-soldered and pre-fluxed technology with controlled process soldering equipment to various alternatives including; post-applied solder terminals, flux-core wire solder terminals, and puddle-on solder parts. In all cases we have shown conclusively the overwhelming cost benefit of the Antaya system over the alternative glass soldering processes and terminals.